Get HER To Tell YOU How Attractive She Is!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Complimenting a woman or otherwise telling her she’s attractive creates a serious risk of it backfiring in your face.


What if she doesn’t believe it? Then you lose credibility with her.

What if she doesn’t think you should be saying it? Then you’ve got more work to do that could have been avoided.

Now… imagine if you could get HER to tell YOU how attractive she is?

For example:

“If you could name 3 things about yourself that are uniquely attractive…that have nothing to do with your physical appearance, what would you say they would be?”

Purpose #1: shows you are screening her.

Note, I would not open the conversation with this. I would do a few minutes of other chit-chat first. And I would soften it by saying, “You seem like a person with some dimension to her..who knows herself… IF you could name 3 things…”

Purpose #2: sets up you naming 3 things YOU find attractive in women:

  • a sense of humor
  • a sense of adventure; “It’s great to enjoy what you already know, but you also have to have that ability… to find… and follow… your desire… to move beyond what you already know… move in a new direction… you know you want to take”

and finally, Debbie:

  • a great imagination; “It’s ok to be inside your box..but to think outside your box…to be able to imagine something really amazing… something bigger than you’ve been used to…. thinking…. find the place where you don’t care what your friends would think because maybe you’d just keep this… for you…. that’s really amazing.”

Purpose #3: move to demo

“Like, I was learning in this seminar about a really cool way to visualize…” (we have the Blammo pattern)


“I learned this really cool visualization game Called the Cube…”

Or (if you want something right now):


“It’s like this question I heard at a party: if you could go somewhere where no one knew who you were… and nothing you did there would ever get back to anyone… what kinds of experiences do you imagine you’d like to have… what kind of sensations would you want to feel… with what kind of person would you like to experience this… now…. with me… I find… when you LET THAT QUESTION roll around inside you’re MINE…… really see the images… keep feeling the feelings… you realize you really can PUT YOUR FINGER ON THE SOURCE OF SOME EXCITEMENT(anchor with a finger touch)…”

Are you starting to get this?

Starting to see the possibilities when you get HER to tell YOU how f@@king attractive she is?



P.S. Ever seen a picture of an iceberg both above and below the ocean’s surface? Like, 80% of the ice mass is BELOW the surface.  The stuff above the surface… well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

P.P.S. I just showed you the tip. Now get the iceberg: Rapid and Total Success With Women.

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2 Responses to Get HER To Tell YOU How Attractive She Is!

  1. standout says:

    PR audience, I recommend his online products. His content has opened my mind to possibilities not limited to using this language to just with women you want to become intimate with, but people you want to relate with. I have used his language patterns to lead the imagination of a women, to make friends at social places, and complete business transactions.

    Francisco R. (standout)

  2. Salvador says:

    Really really REALLY GREAT QUESTION. I’ll ask my friend that question tonight and see what happens.

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