The Power Of Non-Needy Persistence, Part 1 (aka “The E-Mail Intruder”)

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Sometimes you can seemingly do everything right with a woman, but you still don’t get a response to your first message you leave for her.

Or, you communicate with her for a while, then she just drops off without explanation.

This can leave you scratching your head(or other parts) wondering what the heck happened.

Were you wrong in reading her interest? Did you screw it up somehow?

One thing I hope you grow to understand is this: women have lives. They have things going on that may really distract them, even if they did feel something in that initial meeting.

Life is more like a moving parade than a seated audience. They may have moved to a different spot the next time you try to re-establish contact.

The trick then is to persist, WITHOUT need and WITHOUT conveying need.

If you can persist WITHOUT being needy, it creates a very unique vibe, and uniqueness creates interest and attention.

Why Most Guys Screw It Up And
Blow Any Chance She’ll….Ever

See, most guys will give up, or push too hard.

My attitude is, every girl gets 2 chances to return a call. If I sense great potential in her, she’ll get three chances. No more.


I am simply not interested in chasing anyone. I would much rather preserve my morale, think long term, and re-affirm my abundance.

This strengthens me and makes me even more attractive to women.

So, What SHOULD You Do If
She Doesn’t Write (Or Call) Back?

Here’s the e-mail one student sent to a woman who had stopped replying to him after an initially substantial back-and-forth. Watch how he displayed persistence, WITHOUT need (this is almost identical to one of the “anti-flake” voicemail patterns)


I had not heard from you for quite a while so I just wanted to drop you a quick note.

Let me ask you a question, point blank. Is communicating with me a situation where you can take it or leave it, or is it something that you’re smart enough that you really want to do?

I’m going to leave it up to you. And you know, if you don’t write it’s going to be a loss for me, but maybe, what you won’t realize until after, is that it may be a loss for you as well.

Ok. Bye.

To put it simply: he was fully expecting her to simply close him out. But…

Lo and behold!

She replied almost immediately, with the most lengthy e-mail yet! She apologized ten times throughout the e-mail. She gave every excuse in the book why she had not written and then stated that they were all just excuses and would he please forgive her. She was not trying to slight him, she said.

Overall, note how my student’s e-mail to her displays his willingness to walk away and at the same time implies that if she is smart, she’ll want to be with him.

He doesn’t come flat out and directly say, “If you are smart, you’d call me back”.

There’s a reason why.

Click here to continue and see how I dissect this e-mail and show you why it worked so effectively. In the meantime, read his e-mail to her over a couple times more and let it sink in with you.

Peace and piece,

PR (aka RJ)

P.S. Having the skills and confidence to approach and stimulate any woman’s subconscious sexual triggers using your words is one of the best skills in the world to have because it will give you complete seduction mastery even over the choosiest women. It’s just a small piece of what you find inside Speed Seduction® 3.0. Click here to learn more:

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11 Responses to The Power Of Non-Needy Persistence, Part 1 (aka “The E-Mail Intruder”)

  1. Asiah says:

    Haha I have to say as a woman that this all so true…and even sometimes we are as women are straddling the fence on if we should call or not and the email that this guy sent was perfect. I would have responded as well. ; )

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @Asiah Thanks for the props. Let’s grab a juicy burger some time.

      Meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder.


      • Jonathan says:

        Hahah love you ross, wow even initiating on youre own blog, cut it out, ahhaha you’re the man. Btw, what do you suggest concerning inner circles of friends, cause I have girls that I know, that are friends of mine and friends of a girl Im with, and they know that we’re together in a sense, what do you suggest Id say in order to meet up? Pace their reality as friends and then go from there?

  2. Sean Regan says:

    This is very close to phone message returns. The internet is great for certain things, however i still like girl shopping in person!

  3. John o says:

    Perfect article for what happened to me today. A few days back I was hanging out with a chick and some friends. I got her heated up by firing off her trance words, and asking her to rate her feelings and make them stronger, however due to not establishing enough comfort and the fact there were other people she snapped out of it. However yesterday she emails me a lengthy poem loaded with the same trance words I was triggering off. Amazing was one of them. So this morning, she texts me a joke and I text – Lol, hows it going, hope your feeling amazing.

    Her response- I’m feeling real amazing
    my response- I think we enjoyed hanging out, what steps do you suggest
    we take to make that happen again?

    No response from her yet, been half a day and I started chump anxiety, but this article completely knocked out the confusion and gave some direction. I was instantly chasing and weakening my self until I read this.

    Thanks Ross. Look forward to next article.

  4. John J says:

    An email I have used in this situation is this, in the subject line, REEEEJECTED!!! and in the body of the email, LOL 😉 This has almost always gotten a quick response with either an explanation as to why she was not interested or an apology and explanation as to why I had not heard from her. Happy sarging.

  5. A M says:

    If you stop seminars, I could start doing classes with my understanding of patterns, but only for females… when you think to your daydream girl (pointing right or left tit) or your best sex ever (now the other one) you know that… sometimes it’s getting harder to really understand and you feel the desire for a fancy veg dinner or going to the theater to show me how stylish you are :-))))) Or maybe you prefer chasing your ideal lover with an old, fashioned, polite gentleman attitude… are you that kind of man? yes, I know… btw are you a visa, a mastercard or an american express?

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