The Power Of Non-Needy Persistence, Part 2 (Implication And Curiosity)

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Yesterday, we explored how a student used a variation of “anti-flake” patterning to persuade a woman to respond to his e-mails after she had stopped doing so.

If you missed it, here it is again:


I had not heard from you for quite a while so I just wanted to drop you a quick note.

Let me ask you a question, point blank. Is communicating with me a situation where you can take it or leave it, or is it something that you’re smart enough that you really want to do?

I’m going to leave it up to you. And you know, if you don’t write it’s going to be a loss for me, but maybe, what you won’t realize until after, is that it may be a loss for you as well.

Ok. Bye.

As I said yesterday, note how my student’s e-mail to her displays his willingness to walk away and at the same time implies that if she is smart, she’ll want to be with him.

He doesn’t come flat out and directly say, “If you are smart, you’d call me back”.

How Implication And Curiosity Got Her
Writing Back Right Away

Had he said that, it would be rude and insulting and too in-her-face.

Instead, he IMPLIES it.

Realize, implication works because she has to go inside and find the deeper meaning, using her own active imagination and thought processes.

In that sense, the thought becomes her own, because her own mind actively created it.

Therefore, she doesn’t resist it!

Also, he shows some interest by saying her not calling him back WOULD be a loss for him, but then lets her know SHE would lose as well, without explaining why.

This creates curiosity.

He’s being strong AND vulnerable at the same time.  He’s persisting AND displaying the strength to walk away. He’s saying he DOES value her somewhat, yet at the same time WILL still walk if she doesn’t meet his standards and call him back.

Can you see the difference between pretending he doesn’t care at all and showing he has NO interest?

She would just think (unless she has very low self-esteem) “So what? Who cares if he isn’t interested. Good bye!”

He is saying he DOES have SOME interest (so she has a chance) but will still walk.

A Very Powerful Difference

That is why it works.

Now, what if you try this, and it doesn’t work? Suppose she still doesn’t call back or communicate?

Guess what: you never had a shot in the first place. She’s either too insecure or too otherwise occupied or just not ready.

And you saved yourself tons of time, work, focus and money and kept your dignity and self-esteem intact.

Plus you’ve boosted your confidence for the next woman you encounter.

(Remember, if you can’t guarantee a “win” with any individual woman, act in a way that does guarantee your confidence and strength will be built for future women!)

Peace and piece,

PR (aka RJ)

P.S. Guys ask me about “playing it cool”.

As you can see, if she isn’t somewhat interested, “cool” won’t get you anywhere. And the MOST cool thing of all is not to be disinterested, but to show SOME interest in her AND also convey, at the same time, that you have standards and won’t tolerate disrespect.

This is what girls with GOOD self-esteem (the kind you want) respond to.

The twists and sickos are the ones who respond to you showing NO-interest. Trust me, they are lousy in the sack and will punish you in lots of ways you can’t imagine.

Having the skills and confidence to approach and stimulate any woman’s subconscious sexual triggers using your words is one of the best skills in the world to have because it will give you complete seduction mastery even over the choosiest women. It’s just a small piece of what you find inside Speed Seduction® 3.0. Click here to learn more:

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  4. Zarathud says:

    I read this and realized that a girl who’s been semi-responsive to my messages lately is someone who I’m really not that interested in. Deleted her and another contact who’s also been wasting my time.

  5. Dan Murray says:

    Great point about the one’s that show no-interest Paul. I’ve has that in the past. At the beginning she show no-interest, but me being a dick, I wouldn’t give in. I ended up having a LTR with her. Boy! Everyday was a test (in every way). “will punish you in lots of ways you can’t imagine” that’s an understatement mate. Getting her to have a relationship with me was hard, but dating her, WOW. Never again!

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