I Caught A Fly…Or Did I?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

This post may at first appear to be off topic.

It’s not.

See, I ran into the Starbucks down by the beach for a quick cup of coffee, like I do often coming to/fro my meditation at the beach.


As I stepped to the counter to order, a fly or gnat or fly-gnat-thingie buzzed in front of my face so I quickly snapped out my hand and caught it..or so I thought at first.

Now that action of snapping out my hand caught the attention of a few people there.

Actually, what happened is, I interrupted giving my order, looked at the fly with directed focus and snapped out my hand.

Anyway, I held my closed fist and announced, ” I caught a fly”. 

I said this with full belief, as at that moment, I thought I had it..I stayed with that belief, even though a few moments later I knew the fly was not there, as I could not feel the pressure of anything in my hand and I did not squeeze tight enough to kill it if it WAS there…it would have been moving.

Then I said (holding out my closed fist)…

“I think I’ll throw it at Tina”

sexy-babe-grabbing-her-own-ass(Tina is the girl behind the counter taking my order).

Tina got a look of horror and backed away, scared of insects.

The girl behind me said, “Don’t hurt the fly…just put it outside and let it go” with genuine concern!

One of the other girls behind the counter said, “I love flies..give it to me”.

I then opened my hand and said, “See…just ACTING!”.

I created a reality for you all because ***I*** believed in it and YOU each had different responses.

That’s what an actor does; projects full belief to create a reality and then the audience will have their own responses.


So It Is, My Friend, With Patterns

We create a reality through our firm belief, congruent actions, speech, gestures and then(and here is the thing);


They may not be exactly what we planned, but that is ok.

We just take the responses she gives us (Fear of the fly, sympathy for the fly or desire for the fly) and build and direct them towards where we want her to go.

Can you do that without memorizing anything, but rather using the skills?

Peace and piece,

PR (aka RJ)

P.S. If you haven’t cracked open your instant online access to Speed Seduction® 3.0, why the fukc are you waiting?

I mean really, the women are waiting. So what in the name of Tina’s trousers are you waiting FOR?


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6 Responses to I Caught A Fly…Or Did I?

  1. Young says:

    Ross I understand when you say that you have to look at the bigger picture when you learn this stuff. I have spent the whole weekend really learning and studying more about the Milton model and little by little it is getting clearer. The techniques are only part of the whole thing.

    If you can get the bigger picture then you can do any “technique” that you want. All you have to do is rely on your sensory acuity and respond according to how the other person is giving you feedback verbally and nonverbally.

    I am glad I even found out about this speed seduction stuff. This has completely changed the way I look at communication with people. I was talking to this one person and we were talking about us being an anchor ourselves. When people are around us they get a certain feeling. (Bored, Excited,etc.)

    When a girl is around you, just have FUN. Don’t worry about anything else. When they think of you they will think of how FUN it would be to go out with you. Only anchor very pleasant feelings to you when you are with her. (You can fractionate too)

    Who would have thought we can use this for seduction. You Ross and Milton Erickson are my idol. I have been reading every book written by Milton E. and about NLP and Psychology (for 1 year already) and it so cool how you have used it for SS.

    I hope to one day be half as good as Milton Erickson himself.

    Ross you are a GENIUS and you deserve all the women that you get. 😀

    About todays post, does it have to do with the self efficacy principle and the expectation principle to “create the reality” you were talking about?

    • @Young

      Thanks for kind words.

      I don’t know if I deserve to be put in the same league as Milton.

      Today’s post has mostly to do with the fact that you never know how people will respond to the same behavior.

      Remember, one person responded from fear. The other from desire. The other from compassion for the fly!

      And the other is, they responded to an IMAGINARY stimulus. The fly wasn’t really there, except in my imagination and behavior. Only then did it become real in THEIR imagination and then their response came from their model of the world.

      So many times people forget that all we do is act as a stimulus to get women going. IT IS HOW THEY RESPOND THAT DETERMINES WHERE WE GO.

      Anyone who thinks they can make my stuff work WITHOUT noticing responses and being flexible enough to use them isn’t getting it.


  2. Jhesthee A. Samson says:

    A wonderful point, Teacher.

  3. Ram Reddy says:


    Thank you for the great teachings. You cover a lot of your best of NLP teachings in this one story:

    1. Your beliefs.
    2. Creating your reality.
    3. If you belive and lead…people will follow you like a sheep.

    Just curious, later at some point these women know that the fly was not in your fist, what will be your response and what will be their response?

  4. Samuel says:

    Wow this is really powerful, thanks so much rj, I feel quite in need for some outside perspective, I feel im in a little bit of a misty situation, I am quite familiar with youre work, and its changed life for me for the better, atm I am with a girl who to everyone I call my girlfriend (kind of forced into describing her), and I really have alot invested in her (she means alot to me), our relationship is quite healthy and we’re both drinking the right amount of the river of attraction (if you that metaphor you posted on a story about youre nephew) but I know in my future that I will and intend to explore many females, but atm its kind of hindering my sarging because I’m self conscious about her, what she’d think, what I should do, and if she found out, if it might hurt her, and also if I can design her, so atm Im just figuring out what I want, Im very happy with her but not happy with myself because equally I want explore women I just dont know how to go about it, I know this is long, I hope its not too much for you to advice me at all with what you would do, but Im sure ill figure it out, and thankq so much ross for being you and youre contribution~!

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