Key Motivation Strategy Gets You More Women Tonight, Even If You Get Shot Down The First Few Times

Dear Seeker of Success,

It happens too often. Too many smart men let it happen.


After a few failed attempts at meeting women and having conversations with women, they lose confidence and ends up going home.

Usually, the night’s still young.

So how does the Speed Seducer claim his ability to remain confident throughout the night, no matter what happens in a way that brings him confidence and power?

It goes to the heart of an important issue. Continue reading

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Show Women Curiosity About These Four Areas And Watch Them Open Up To You

Dear Seeker of Success,

There are four areas of a woman’s life you can get really curious about:

Contribution, Connection, Construction, and Craving.


I call them the 4 Cs.

When Sarging, here’s how they come together.

The first “C” is where she is finding her sense of Contribution. Where does she find her sense that she is contributing to a cause that’s greater than her own individual personal life?

For people, that can be a sports team. She’s not really contributing, but she feels that way. She feels she’s contributing to the Lakers or the Celtics by being such an awesome fan. She feels she is actually helping her team win. It’s where she finds her contribution. Continue reading

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This Simple, Powerful Mindset Shift Boosts Your Success With Younger Women

Dear Seeker of Success,

To get good at succeeding with younger women, you have to learn to see the world with a different view.


In Speed Seduction®, we look for process and activity.

If we want women to be attracted to us, somewhere inside of her she has a process for doing that. We want to awaken that process by how we show up and then bring it to the surface with how we use our language.

You could certainly mindfuck yourself into thinking, “I’m 40 years old. I have all this competition from guys her own age.” Continue reading

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No Sex UNTIL We’re An Official Couple? Don’t Think So.

Dear Seeker of Success,

A student of mine reported in on a recent coaching call with a question about getting laid.

(Yeah… I know… calling Speed Seduction® about getting laid? Who’da thunk??!?)



He’s been seeing her for a couple weeks. He’s 34, she’s 39. She’s never been married. She’s interested in having kids (and knows she better get a move on). Not exactly “older woman” territory but still enough to check in on how to succeed with older women.

He’s decided he’s interested in her romantically, just not for a one-night stand.

There’s a catch though: she wants to be “exclusive” BEFORE she and my student have sex.

That’s an odd request. Continue reading

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