Dating And The Conscious Mind: Why Do Women Have “Weird” Reactions?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

For many guys, the conscious mind is the primary focus of dating.  See, many of those “weird” reactions women have to men have to do with her mind being somewhere else.

Listen to Dave Riker explain in this clip torn right out of the Speed Seduction® Technical Manual:



P.S. In fact, this clip was plucked right out from the middle of a follow-the-steps, paint-by-numbers exercise, just one of many you’ll find in these two advanced language and communication learning tools.



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When You Ask Her Out (But Don’t Actually Ask)

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

It’s an oft-told story…


Boy meets Girl in an “everyday” setting.

Girl smiles and giggles oh-so-cute and Boy sees the door open and beckoning.

Boy strikes up a little convo.

Girl’s answer to his innocent-yet-obviously-leading question (the one where he asks her out without actually f@@king ASKING) leaves him stumped even though it’s plain-as-daylight stuff.

Let’s hear from a student who felt like he just got “traded down to the minors” off such a seemingly innocent response:

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What’s In The Course Package? (Part 3 of 3)

Dear Speed Seduction® Master-In-Training,

Today I’m going to explain to you briefly, HOW you will access the Language and Conversation Course and the Technical Manual when we open the doors on Saturday (9/13) at Noon Pacific.


The first, and possibly most exciting thing, for you to know, is:

You Will Claim INSTANT Online Access
(As Soon As You Complete Your Order)

Dave Riker has given me digital files of BOTH courses to add to new levels within your Speed Seduction® Course Members’ Area.

My team is loading them as we speak so they will be there for you at 12:01 PM Pacific on Saturday… in other words, after the 1 minute it will take you to complete your registration when you visit the promotion page promptly at Noon.

(Speaking of which, the promotion page will be available tomorrow to give you a detailed sneak-peek.)

For Those Of You Who Like Structured,
Linear Learning, This Will Really Tickle
Your Tallywhacker, But GOOD!

Last year, I released Rapid and Total Success With Women because many students demanded a course more structured and linear than the now-retired Speed Seduction® 3.0.

Since you love RTSW, you’ll go golly-gee-whillikers, ehrmygerrd, WOW, over the courses Dave Riker, who I with profound respect and admiration call “The Aynal Retentive Engineer”, has created.

You’ve got high-quality MP3 audio files that you can stream online, download to your favorite mobile device, or play through iTunes.

You’ve got transcripts, that are also workbooks, with interactive exercises to complete.


I’m Throwing In Some Of MY
“Private Stock” Course Materials
(Including Some Language Patterns)

Mastering these two courses means you won’t have to worry about rote memorization anymore.

It also means that even though you HAVE memorized the Discovery Channel pattern, the Twin Brothers pattern, and you know the Paris Hilton joke so well, you’d have HER saying “that’s hot” if you told her in person…

….you’ll have deeper, more profound skillsets that ensure you literally never run out of things to say once you’ve used up all the patterns.

All the same, I’m adding some “not for sale” documents containing language patterns you guys are constantly asking Sheila about, which will be available to you ONLY if you take me up on this weekend’s offer.

Now finally….

A Few Words From “The Big Man”
Himself (drumroll)…Dave Riker!

Dave has recorded some audios describing, in Aynal Engineer-level specific detail, exactly what you’ll gain from these courses.

Just click Play on the buttons below:

See ya Saturday.



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Why Starting With Language Patterns Is Bass-Ackwards

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

In this two-minute audio clip from Dave Riker’s course on how to have conversations with women, learn why reciting word-for-word language patterns, in and of itself, is unlikely to work:



P.S. Bet you can’t wait till Saturday, eh?  :-)  Are you following the posts here on RJU that reveal what these courses get you?

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