More Afraid Of A Gorgeous Woman Than An Armed Robber?

Dear Speed Seduction Student,

One of our VIP Access Coaching members was having a little problem in the produce department:

Let’s say I’m in a grocery store and see an attractive woman. I think, “There’s someone I would like to go and talk to and maybe try to get her number.”

As soon as I think that, then the anxiety or insecurity would start creeping up. I’d start to question or doubt myself and maybe remember a bad experience or two from the past, and maybe more.

Yep, that will stop the Sarge, for sure.


There she is. No hasbeend or borefriend in sight. What’s your opener?

Now ask yourself this challenge question: Continue reading

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Pigeons Reveal: How To Get A Woman To Want You

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

We can learn a lot about why men get crushes on women, and how to turn that around so the woman longs and pines for YOU, by studying pigeons.

snowbunny-babes-with-pigeonsYes, pigeons.

They did an experiment, with pigeons in 3 groups.

Group #1 got a pellet whenever they pecked at the feeding bar.

Group #2 got nothing when they pecked at the feeding bar.

Group #3 sometimes got a pellet, and sometimes didn’t. Completely random.

Guess what happened? Continue reading

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Bizarre Assignment Reveals Truth About Women

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

To help a smart guy get unstuck with women and overcome approach anxiety, I had him do a bizarre assignment:



P.S. Now that you know, click here for the blueprint that puts it into action.

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Do You Need Permission To Approach Women?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Someone told me that if he’s introduced to women at a party he can talk to them, no problem.

But if he has to make an approach to a woman anywhere else, he doesn’t feel that he has “permission” to talk.

Uh, is there, like, an application to say hello to her?

Uh, is there, like, an application to say hello to her?

That struck me as saying when you think of “approaching“, that calls to mind that there’s a gap that you have to close (the distance between you and her, and the need to begin a conversation that isn’t happening yet).

Gee: that’s not a very useful metaphor. Continue reading

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