No Sex UNTIL We’re An Official Couple? Don’t Think So.

Dear Seeker of Success,

A student of mine reported in on a recent coaching call with a question about getting laid.

(Yeah… I know… calling Speed Seduction® about getting laid? Who’da thunk??!?)



He’s been seeing her for a couple weeks. He’s 34, she’s 39. She’s never been married. She’s interested in having kids (and knows she better get a move on). Not exactly “older woman” territory but still enough to check in on how to succeed with older women.

He’s decided he’s interested in her romantically, just not for a one-night stand.

There’s a catch though: she wants to be “exclusive” BEFORE she and my student have sex.

That’s an odd request. Continue reading

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I Am Her Zinc!

Dear Seeker of Success,

In addition to being the Guru of Getting Some, the Chairman of the Broads, did you know I also cure colds?

Watch this short video clip (taken from Speed Seduction® The New Code 2.0: Trance-Formations, Teachings And Tactics).

And again, sound off in the comments section.



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This Misunderstanding About Women’s Emotions Can Keep You Celibate (Unless You Embrace It)

Dear Seeker of Success,

Get this through your head… about what goes through HER head… and you’ll get more…



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Sorry, You Are Not “Attractive” (And You Cannot Make Yourself So)

Dear Seeker of Success,

Let’s take a moment and demolish some horrific myths and “De-Mystify” the art of moist success.


Others may have told you….

And it’s been beaten into your brain since you were but a young one by the Romance Racketeers and the mass media that in order to become attractive to women you truly want to be with:

  1. You need high “self esteem”
  2. You need to demonstrate “higher value”
  3. You need to go on a “date”
  4. Women don’t like sex as much as men
  5. You need to be “alpha”
  6. You need to be good looking

Ready for the huge mind-f**k that blows that all out of the water?

Here comes: Continue reading

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