Why Is It Called “Sarging”?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

It’s a matter of official public record (just ask Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary) that the term “Sarging” is named after my dearly departed kitteh, Sargy J. Cat.

The original, for real Sargy J. Cat. Who while we yet AFCs walked the back fence that we might know moist pink abundance. Sarge without end, amen

The original, for real Sargy J. Cat. Who while we were yet AFCs, walked the back fence that we might know moist pink abundance. Sarge without end, amen.

Many people ask why I named the process of approaching, interacting with, and seducing women after my cat.

The best example I have comes from working with a student who was “off and on” with his girl-getting game, who found that no matter what he did, he still found himself choking at the very thought of going out and approaching women.

My advice to him was to change his language. Continue reading

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She Waved You Off Like A Fly And Now You’re Mad… WHY?

Dear Seeker of Success,

Most guys have gotten what’s known in some circles as “the gesture” from a hot chick.

You approach her, and before you get in two words, she makes this “waving-off” hand gesture like you’re a bug who’s swarming around her.


It’s usually more subtle than this, but it means the same thing.

The worst part is she doesn’t even have the decency to use words, as if you’re not worthy of even that much.

That feels like she just kicked you in the groin, except you feel it… all over!

Listen: having a really attractive woman be disrespectful to a guy she thinks is going to hit on her isn’t exactly a new concept. We’ve all been there.

Typically, guys are expected to be able to act like it’s no big deal or laugh it off, chalk it up as “her loss”, and move on. Most guys, because this is what’s expected of them, try to do this.

The problem is that it doesn’t work. Continue reading

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NEW CODE BONUS ADDED: “Stick In Your Thumb, Make That Girl Cum”

Dear Seeker of Success,

Inside the New Code, I share with you the “Stick In Your Thumb, Make That Girl Cum” technique (that students in our Elite “TOP SECRET” Facebook group are already using successfully)

Watch this short video clip for an overview:



P.S. As an extra “fast action” bonus when you claim your instant online access now, I created a PDF guide called “Stick In Your Thumb, Make That Girl Cum” that expounds upon this in much greater detail.

Crack open the New Code and download it now.


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What’s In The New Code, Part 3 of 3

Dear Seeker of Success,

In the past two days, we’ve been slowly and steadily drawing open the curtain and showing you the New Code….

….including everything you’ll gain when you claim your access now.

Today, I am delighted beyond delight’s sweet delight to reveal to you three amazing, incredible, get ’em now bonuses (total value: over $1,991) that await you:

Newly-Discovered “New Playing Field” Videos From The 2006 Los Angeles Speed Seduction® Seminar ($497 value)

NewPlayingField300Listen: whether you’re a long-time RJ junkie, or a newbie who wants to get lots and lots of the teachings just hinted at in “The Game”, The New Playing Field has more than enough to satisfy your eager, grasping, horny mind. I reveal and review some old classics, including:

  • Awesome “Ross Plays With Girls” Demos (including touching techniques, language patterns, and more);
  • Extensive teaching on language patterns such as the classic “Snack Quiz” and the “Paris Hilton Joke”;
  • The famous “Walk-Up Diamond” for approaching any woman, anywhere, anytime;
  • Modules on key Speed Seduction® concepts like pattern interrupts, the “unexpected”, fractionation, and more;
  • How to “stack” tools such as patterns, quizzes, games, jokes, and poems to get women aroused and wanting you;
  • 4 linguistic doorways into the deeper human mind;
  • And much much more!

IMPORTANT: after Thursday, August 27 at 12:00 Noon Pacific, these videos will only be available as a paid upgrade. Claim your “New Code” footage THE MOMENT WE OPEN THE DOORS to get the 2006 videos as a free fast-action bonus!

Including The New Playing Field videos is doubling the amount of material you’ll receive.

Now, let’s double-down more on your learning and mastery with…

Membership In Our “TOP SECRET” Speed Seduction® Elite Mastermind Group On Facebook ($997+ value)


Here’s your chance to enjoy constant and private support from your fellow students as you step into enjoying the elite Speed Seduction brotherhood.  Talk amongst yourselves, share stories and Sarge reports, ask questions, give each other encouragement…


… AND receive occasional mentorship from me (I do my best to pop into the group at least 3 times a week to address your questions, add to the conversation, and share my stories as well.)

By claiming your instant access to the New Code video series, you also gain a front-row seat to even more of the “New Code”…

Exclusive Access To Two (2) Soon-To-Be-Filmed Video Lessons ($497 value)

Within the next 30 days I’ll be adding two super-special additional lessons (think of them as New Code Keys #5 and #6):

  • A new self-hypnosis method that makes any other method obsolete (think, Etch-A Sketch vs. iPad)
  • An amazing module on creating and using “sigils” for developing the most powerful of all manifesting states: non-attachment/non-disinterest (a Magickal concept)

While preparing the New Code videos for public release, I decided literally just the other day to add these to the teachings.

(My operations manager and I got into it over the logistics of this – he didn’t want me to announce this so soon – but since I sign his damn paycheck, I, Ross “El King Balls” Jeffries, won this one for you.)

Now, as you eagerly await (tonight) for me to show you the entire New Code course page to you, which will reveal the incredibly low price for the New Code videos AND these three bodacious bonuses….

When You Think About It, This Is Really
Like Putting Money Back In Your Pocket

Listen: Compared to what you’ve spent on women for fancy dinners, movies, gifts, and other stuff that got you nowhere, and what you’ll continue to spend for the rest of your life if you don’t invest in yourself the moment we open the doors, I think you can easily see that the investment for this learning is actually ridiculously dirt-cheap.

Just do the math and ask yourself, what’s it going to cost if you don’t take this bold step forward?



P.S. Just imagine, both of these (PLUS the Elite group access) together, at your 24/7 fingertips knowing that very soon (by this weekend maybe!) you’ll smile to yourself and say “That was the best decision I ever made!”


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