“Like, WHOA, Ross!” (You Teach THAT At Your Seminars?!?!?!)

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

As you will see when you check out this video from last year’s London Speed Seduction® seminar, things can get, well, physical.

Some might say this is SO HOT, I had to blur the video cap – you’ll only find out what’s happening when you click Play:

Peace and piece,


P.S. Hayley will be guest-presenting again this year.  And yours truly will be unleashing the latest and greatest in girl-getting technology and skills.

Place yourself in the front row for what is (probably) the ONLY seminar like this we’ll offer in 2014 – definitely the only thing like it on the market:


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How To Get Laid When You Still Live With Your Parents

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

A lot of us have been there.

flirting-at-dinnerYour Sarge is going well, she’s already snuggled up right next to you, her hands boldly going places on you they’ve not gone before (for her).

Any minute now, you’re going to use one of the proven Speed Seduction® techniques for getting her back to your place.

Just one problem – it’s not really, ahem, “your” place.

It happens: hot and horny women go ice-cold and incurious before you finish saying the word “parents”.

All that’s about to change.

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Sarging For Engineers: AKA “Getting Laid In A Linear Fashion”

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

One of the many reasons it’s not only impossible, but inappropriate, to teach Speed Seduction® mastery in a linear fashion is, generally speaking women are not linear creatures.

On the same token, my students who are engineers tend to do extremely well with my material.

Watch how I transformed an engineer into a Sarging Machine in 24 hours.

Peace and piece,


P.S. The clip you just watched: it’s from last July’s London seminar.  We’re doing it again, just better.  Click here to place yourself in queue to reserve your seat, now.


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A Bad “Rap”: Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Rapport?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

A significant portion of what I teach works whether you’re speaking with a woman, a customer, a boss, or a random person on the street.


One of my Speed Seduction® coaching students asked me this:

Let’s say I’m speaking to someone about a product. There are times when the feedback turns negative, or the exchange isn’t going well. I start losing confidence in what I’m saying.

When I’m getting though and things are going well, on the other hand, the opposite happens – my confidence builds upon itself.

What can I do?

RJ here.

First thing’s first: it’s useful to make a distinction that just because someone isn’t currently getting it, in this moment, doesn’t mean they won’t get it.   Continue reading

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