How Some Mexican Actor She Likes Can Get You Laid

Dear Seeker of Success,

A student of mine got quite an interesting response from a woman he was Sarging, but wasn’t quite sure where to go with it.

He asked, “If you could go anywhere and do anything, where would you go and what would you do?”

She replied that she’d go to Cuba and meet some guy called Diego Luna.

You're in luck. He starred in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Not bad with his touching technique.

He starred in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Good Sargy movie. Not bad with his touching technique.

He’s a Mexican actor (I had to look it up), but that’s beside the point.

What matters is that she just gave my student Continue reading

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Speaking Your Truth With Women

Dear Seeker of Success,

Write this down as you may need it:

“Speaking my truth is more important than getting in your pants”


The truth will draw you closer to her.

This is really about standing up for your values with a woman.

Let’s say there’s a girl who you really want to have sex with. She doesn’t want to take co-responsibility for the birth control. She just wants YOU to use a condom.

Continue reading

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7 Tips To Supercharge Your Speed Seduction® Success!

Dear Seeker of Success,

Part of learning any technology is understanding some basic principles.

So I’ve compiled some tips that I have found have helped many students master the initial Speed Seduction® learning curve in a shorter amount of time.

Why hello there, we haven't seen you in a while!

Why hello there, I haven’t seen you in a while!

First, remember, a critical part of what I teach in Speed Seduction® is learning to use your language to capture and lead a woman’s imagination and emotions!

As I have taught again and again, whatever you can get a woman to imagine will be perceived by her to be her own thought, and thus will not be resisted.

Women especially like to be led by their imagination and emotions! Then, and only then, will they give you the behaviors (love, sex, etc) that you crave and want.

Remember, women want good feelings, and my tools and language patterns are geared toward either doing this or gathering the information you need to do this. Continue reading

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Supply Your Demand Of HER Curves: Why Lines Aren’t Enough

Dear Seeker of Success,

One of my students told me he had to take economic courses three times before he finally got a f@@king clue about those curves.


She can teach some economic curves.

The first two courses, the instructor spent most of their time drawing supply and demand curves on a chalkboard.  Five minutes after handing in the final exam, my student realized he had learned NOTHING he could actually use in the real world.

However, the third instructor spent most of the semester explaining how economic systems work.

The curves were THEN drawn to illustrate the underlying concepts.

My student came of THAT econ course being able to explain how to manage inflation and mortgage rates to stimulate or cool economic growth, how to CREATE the supply and demand those curves illustrate, and even how to reverse a recession. Continue reading

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