What Really Causes Last Minute Resistance?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

A major component of sexual aggression mastery, which we cover inside Rapid and Total Success With Women, deals with how to powerfully handle a woman’s last-minute resistance (LMR).

But what really causes LMR?



P.S. How do you close the gap between “arousal” and “it’s on”?  All shall be revealed to you.  Click here.


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So, You Want To Get Her Horny?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

So, you want to get her horny?


You’re smart enough to know that blatant sex talk is probably not going to get you there.

You want to move things to the next step, to pursue the next stage of intimacy), eliciting the states of irresistible arousal with what she really enjoys doing in her life.

Let’s say you know already she likes music, Renaissance art, taking road trips, and volunteering at the local animal rescue.

How do you use this playing field to get her horny? Continue reading

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2 Minutes To Greater Understanding Of What Gets Women Hot

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

In less than 2 minutes, I quickly explain the connection between fractionation, a woman’s baseline, what happens between a woman being aroused and “it’s on”:



P.S. This, my friend, is where my tested, proven Rapid And Total Success With Women System comes in: teaching you how to predictably and easily create, intense emotional states of lust, fascination, utter desire, and total arousal in the hottest women around, in minutes, even when you aren’t close to being her type.


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Do Her “Tests” Automatically Make You A Desperate Supplicator?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

There seems to be some confusion on the topics of being tested by women, screening women, women taking the lead, and fractionation.

A question I get asked fairly often: is there a difference between the “tests” women try to put men through on his journey to the Province of Poon vs. a man’s (or for that matter a woman’s) efforts to screen prospects to find the mate they find most appealing?

Is giving in to her “tests” a form of desperate supplication?

To understand this, we must properly define a few terms.

Some of it can be accurately viewed as “tests”; meaning that the person is seeking a response that may not be consciously in their awareness and also is not expressed directly.

That is a HUMAN trait. We ALL do this. Men AND women. Continue reading

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