She Shut Me Down… I Pounded Ground

Dear Seeker of Success,

The other day something happened to me that would have knocked an amateur on his ass.

Actually... much worse than this.

Actually… much worse than this.

I gotta admit, it bugged me for all of, oh, let’s say, 2 whole seconds.

But back when I was an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump), it would have…

…Sank Me Into Despair For Weeks

Here’s the scoop: Continue reading

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How To Make Her Feel It…Really FEEL IT!

Dear Seeker of Success,

Pretty much every single day, our customer support team gets questions like “which recorded course has so-and-so pattern?”


I get asked this all the time on webinars and group calls, too.

I’ll say here, what I say there:

Memorizing patterns and reciting them to women will rarely, in and of itself, get you laid. Continue reading

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I, Ross Jeffries, Hereby Declare A “State of Sarge”

Dear Seeker of Success,

What’s worse than being in that “not so sweet spot” where you’ve met a woman, and you don’t know what to say to her?

ca_94040792_180There she is – right in front of you, this incredibly sexy hot babe who, up until now, you never in a million years DREAMED would be sitting right next to you, hanging on every word you say. Yet…

… you can’t find the friggin’ words!

Rather than dazzling her with smooth banter, you’re internally going berserk while hoping she doesn’t notice the 24-pound giant cat that has sunk his claws into your tongue and stretched it all the way to the floor like a flaccid fruit roll-up.

Later the “right words” will come to you, all right.

While you’re back at your place, alone, imagining what it would have been like to score with her.

Well, all that’s about to change. Continue reading

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Plug These Holes, Reach Your Goals

Dear Seeker of Success,

Recently I’ve been taking on a simple practice that has been really helping to keep me motivated, adding to my commitment to meeting my personal and business goals.


It’s really “plugged the holes” in all the motivation courses and books I’ve consumed over the years and it’s made me a much better teacher and coach as well!

In short:

…..It’s Working For Me Like Gangbusters!

So I thought I’d share it with you today so you can enjoy the same success.

Pretty fucking exciting, yes?

Listen up:

To make this work, you need just 3 uber-cheat “ingredients”.

Just follow these easy steps

  1. Get two dry-erase white boards from your local office supply store.  (Personally, I invested in two giant glass boards but they are very expensive so I only suggest that if you got some serious cash on hand)
  2. Get an eraser.  (I gotta confess -I keep losing my erasers so I use toilet paper, paper towels, even my fingers. Ha!)
  3. Get a few dry erase markers, with some different colors.

Ok-pretty simple so far.  Keep following along, because I’m going to give you the “big secret”.

On one board write your strategic goals.

These could be anything from, nailing 2 Siberian gymnastic twins, finding the love of your life, making a million bucks by a certain date, whatever.

On the other write your tactical goals.

These are the skills, techniques, learnings, team, support – whatever – that support and serve your strategic goals.

Now here comes the trick:

Write down your strategic goals on one board and your tactical goals on the other.

Each day, ERASE both boards and write the same goals again.

This is a way to re-commit each day to your goals.

This sends an irresistibly powerful message to your unconscious mind that you really are invested and will do what it takes.

And it makes your outcomes very real and compelling.

And this makes it much more likely you’ll reach them.



P.S. Building a realistic motivation and informed enthusiasm is just one of the things I’ll be covering in my live Miami Speed Seduction event, March 19 and 20th.

Find out more here:


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