2 Simple (But Shocking) Reasons Why Your Pick-Up Lines Are Failing

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Check out this “leaked” clip from Hayley Quinn’s training program, “The Failproof Approach” – one of six we will be releasing very soon.

As you enjoy the content, consider how the lines you’ve been using up until now, might be failing you because “up until now” means “for a while now”.

And, be sure to leave your comments below:

Remember, I’ve been saying for years: it’s not about memorizing patterns word-for-word and getting graded on grammatical accuracy.



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“I’m Tired Of Being Her ‘Therapist’ While She’s Banging Those Jerks”

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

You’re a smart guy who’s “got it goin’ on” who knows how to overcome your fear, walk right over to the hottie you see at the next table, and Sarge on her ’till next thing you know…

….she’s screaming your name while you take her places she’s never been before.

fotolia_1226753_smallBut there’s one problem.

The other guys she’s been with have treated her like garbage. You refuse to resort to bullying, begging, buying, bs, booze, or biceps…but she’s so used to guys who DO, that you end up being the “therapist” she cries to about those other jerks.

You know, the jerks who are f@@king her silly while you fantasize about her during your date with Rosey and her five sisters.

Here’s a note I got from a student who’s in that boat: Continue reading

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The Stop-Seduction-Slippage-On-The-Fly Checklist

Dear Speed Seduction® Students And Fans,

So, you are in the course of Sarging and seducing a woman.  Everything seems to be going great – as far as you can tell, you’ve captured and led her interest, now you’re getting ready to buckle up for a rip-roarin, snatch-soarin’ ride on the baloney pony.

Then, like out of nowhere, she starts flaking, going cold, losing interest.

“What happened?!?!?!” you ask yourself as you vision the cold winter sea water of a seduction-sliding-south engulfing you as things sink faster than the Titanic.

It’s Time To Take Stock, Not Slip Into Shock

Here is a “quicksand-stopping checklist” you can work through when, despite your best efforts, the seduction sizzle starts dissipating into soon-to-be-masturbatory fizzle.

Learn it, and you’ll find a “jumping back in point” when you need one. Continue reading

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The ABS Principle And How It Gets You More Women

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

A key ingredient of achieving greater success with the women you truly desire is something I call the ABS Principle.

It doesn’t mean Anti-Lock Braking System, though once you apply it you’ll find a much smoother path, with less sudden, hard stops, to getting more women.

It also doesn’t means “abs”.  No bullying, buying, begging, BS, booze, or biceps here.

Abs-olutely not.  No desperate supplication or AFC-ery here.

You might call it the Anti-Masturbation Breakthrough System.  Actually, I might call it that.

Whatever you call it, the ABS Principle boils down to this:  Continue reading

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