Seduction Self-Mastery Element #5: Depotentiating and Stopping The Ruminating and Reprogramming of Mistakes With Women

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Last time, we explored the power of liberation languaging – changing your language to change the future.

Will she be doing this over her mistakes with you?  Ruminate on that.

Will she be doing this over her mistakes with you? Ruminate on that.

This takes us to the fifth (and final) Seduction Self-Mastery element I will share here: depotentiating and stopping the ruminating and reprogramming of mistakes with women.

Depotentiating – reducing the effect of something
Ruminating – thinking deeply about something
Reprogramming – programming a computer or something likened to one (think: the human brain) again or differently

This is part and parcel with extraction confidence and having a good relationship with doubt, but too many guys dwell on mistakes instead.

They ask themselves over and over, Continue reading

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The TRUE Magic Of Freedom…

Dear Speed Seduction® Masters-In-Training,

Since today is Independence Day here in the United States, I want to share with you some thoughts about magic and freedom.


There is magic in the mastery of using language to capture and lead imagination and emotions.

There is the magic of knowing what to notice that remains invisible to the eye of most.

And, then, there is the deeper magic.

The magic of being willing to step into the unknown AND freeing the other person of any expectation about how THEY should respond or will respond.

Truly freeing them.

As in willing and able to ground yourself into a place of energetic acceptance (they can do whatever they want, **I** control where my energy goes) of their first response, whatever it may be. You are going to respond by staying grounded and holding compassion.

That doesn’t mean you STAY there or make their first response YOUR permanent “truth” about the situation.

Here is why this is so powerful, and why this brings you freedom:

Even the hottest woman has areas of her life where she feels stuck. Things or ways of being or feeling she’s like to try but doesn’t. And she wants reassurance BEFORE she steps out of the boat – so she stays in the boat and just watches the waves and wonders. EVERY WOMAN HAS A PART OF HER LIFE WHERE THIS IS SO.

So when she sees you, a person WILLING to step into what is unknown for you, willing to be open and vulnerable (but not needy) with life and living that is sexy.

She won’t be able to explain it, she’ll feel it.

By itself, that is sexy.

Now, so many people, when they finally do have a way to step beyond their comfort zone are SO filled with expectations and demands on the situation and on others.

“Hey, I opened up to you. I risked. Now I DEMAND you open up back”

So when you open up and step beyond the known as a choice for yourself WITH NO DEMANDS AT ALL ON THE OTHER PERSON, that freedom, that “not doing”, that “vacuum” around you creates a pull forward.

You place no pressure. You have no “push” on them at all.

There is no-thing for them to resist.

These two elements combined create a deeper magic few will ever even see.

And the two elements don’t add up.


So it’s not 100 points of attractive vibe PLUS 100 points of attractive vibe.

It’s 100 points times 100 points. That’s 10,000 points of attractive vibe.

Now, add to that:

Basic walk up energies that enable you to effortlessly approach any woman, any time, anywhere.

Language skills.

The energetic touch secrets.

fourth-of-julyI think that puts you up near the 20,000 points of attraction – right out of the gate.

None of this requires arrogant swagger or being a loudmouth.


You can have it now, in a heartbeat, in between the passing of one second to the next, in between the fading of this thought and the arising of the next.

Strip away the nonsense and crap that has swirled and guess what:


You just have to be quiet enough to remember.

And in that, there is freedom that goes beyond words.

Peace and piece,


P.S. Imagine a life that has no further need for assurance or guarantee of success of any kind before you took bold (and fun) seduction steps, where you walk like a giant where other people fear to step.

No matter what is holding you back, now is the time to break free of the chains, get off your excuse-making, “I understand but don’t do it” ass, and get moving right now in the real world with the success you’ve always wanted.


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Safe (A Very Personal Message)

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

With 17 days (and 8 seats left!) until Speed Seduction® 2015: The New Code in Los Angeles….

…’s time to be direct like never before.

Listen: you can play “safe odds”.

Skipping out on this event, staying home, keeping at how you’ve done things up until now, is very low risk.


So is continuing to run your MasterbateCard and your Disscover into the ground on $195 “first dates”, knowing there’s little risk you’ll have to “deal with” her wanting touched, kissed, and more.

Experiencing true joy, pleasure, and enjoyment together is taking a chance.

But if you don’t take a chance, you’re safe.

With me so far?

Actually, These “Safe Odds” Are
About The Riskiest Bet
You Can Possibly Wager

On December 7, 2013, I came this close to being stone-cold dead from a heart attack, age 55.


I told the nice lady from 911 who asked what my symptoms were, “I see dead people”.

(This was some SERIOUS s@^t.)

For a while, I thought I would never teach a live event again. I swore I’d never create another course.

In the throes of death, many promises get made.

Think about how many priests and monks there would be if every guy kept a promise he made while he was in a tough jam.

(As I said…I’m being realer than the realest I’ve ever been. And THAT’S REAL.)

But thing is,

There’s Still Work To Be Done…
It’s Time For A “New Code”
For Your Success With Women

Sure, joining us in LA will be a couple bucks (though this is the lowest registration we’ve ever done).

But, compared to what you’ve spent on women for fancy dinners, movies, gifts, and other stuff that got you nowhere….

And what you’ll continue to spend for the rest of your life if you don’t invest in yourself right now…..

I trust you can easily see that the investment for this event is actually ridiculously dirt-cheap.

Just do the math and ask yourself, what’s it going to cost if you don’t come?

Then make the smart choice and, claim your seat right now!


Now, that’s a TRULY safe bet.


Ross Jeffries
Founder, Speed Seduction®

P.S. Remember to bring your Sarge reports and videos.

We’ll work together and boost your girl-getting game right in the room.

"Speed Seduction® 2015: The New Code" Our NEW Seminar In Los Angeles

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Seduction Self-Mastery Element #4: Liberation Languaging

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

In Element #3, we showed you some key practices to build and nurture a good relationship with uncertainty, hesitation and doubt.


Because there comes a time when you just cannot hesitate.

All of which are great… now, let’s add another layer that “ziplocks” the trance-formative changework you’ve done up until now. Continue reading

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