“Why Can’t I Get Women Excited???”

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

In a recent newsletter, I described the experiences of a student, where a hottie he desired shied from his advances for a long time…until finally, she was begging him to f@@k her.


If this isn’t an invitation, I don’t know what is.

He studied my teaching and applied it to his own situation in the way that worked best for him. He’s persistent, he doesn’t give up easily, and he keeps his eye on the prize.

But sometimes, it might feel like success doesn’t come fast enough, or that you have been persistent and you’re still not getting the women you want.
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Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

In that conversation that you had with that gorgeous woman, what did you talk about?

ca_89317994_325What were the themes?

When you sat down to have that conversation, did you think beforehand, “How is my communication going to be structured to capture and lead her imagination and emotion? What effect, if any, do I want to create here? What are the formats and themes I’m going to use to do that?”

Once you got started, did you create a reason for her to participate?

At what point did you bring a playful vibe into the interaction?

Now Let’s Flip It Around…

What were you feeling in your body throughout?

The same thing, or were there changes?

What were the sensations going on in your body when you were holding her hands and looking into her eyes?



P.S. The Sarge Review Process, which we cover in Nail Your Inner Game, brings all this together for you.

It is the simple 20 minute process you’ll use, at the end of every sarge, successful, screwed up, or those “in-between” ones that you really can’t quite figure out! This process will have you turning around even the most difficult sarges and, get you back in the field doing things right, with easy, effortless confidence!


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Does Her “Catching” You Doing Speed Seduction® Mean She’s Actually Interested In Doing You?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

A student of mine had been hanging out a lot with a female friend of his. Older, looks younger, smart and gorgeous.


Embracing and exuding the spirit and example of the Grey Cat.

Throughout their conversations, he worked in some Sarginess, such as the infamous Paris Hilton joke and some of the advanced patterns on her.

Well, she caught him a few times on the patterns and then said “Stop using that Tony Robbins shit on me. We’re just friends.”

He was telling me this over the phone, otherwise I would have high-fived and maybe even chest-bumped with him because

When A Woman Says, “Stop Using That.
We’re Just Friends” That Could Mean
She’s Actually Feeling It

As in, it’s working and getting into her system.

For reals.

If she wasn’t having a sexual response that kind of jarred her a little bit, she’d just laugh it off.

When it works, she’ll not only give you verbal responses about what you say, but you’ll notice things going on in her body.


It’s not always THIS obvious. But you’ll get there.

She may make a sound to herself, like saying, “Mm.”

She may touch her chest and do a facial expression when she accesses the feeling.

Those sounds, facial expressions and gestures are her self-anchors.

If you know how to spot them, you can fire them off and she’ll never know what you’re doing.



P.S. We have demos of Sargy conversation and language patterns in action – galore – inside the world-famous Rapid and Total Success With Women system.

If you have not yet claimed your instant online access, the only thing standing between you and your results with your women who you truly desire and want to be with, is your decision that today is the last day of the way you used to be.



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Could This Be Why You’re Not Getting Laid As Much As You’d Like?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

The first problem is you’re thinking that getting sexual is something you only do at a specific time called “the close“.

And there's little about her likely reaction that one could call "sexual".

And there’s little about her likely reaction that one could call “sexual”.

My first teaching to you is that having a sexual vibe is something that starts even before you open your mouth.

I’m not talking about being horny where your dick is throbbing, but there’s just an overall sense that you’re sexual without being horny. Continue reading

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