What Is Metaphor, And How Does It Help Our Journey?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

The other day, we had a great conversation about linguistic labels and metaphor. Now, watch this, and then keep going:



P.S. Videos like this usually have customer support’s Inbox blowing up with “where do I get that pattern”?  For a LIMITED time, you can download the Discovery Channel pattern here(I will be taking this down shortly, WITHOUT NOTICE, and there will be no begging Lisa or Sheila to send it to you anyway once it’s taken down.)

P.P.S. Aren’t you glad you took the time to watch this video and read this post? This is why you need to open my e-mails and read my posts consistently, because I throw stuff like this in, unannounced and at random.

Those who take action, win. Those who hesitate, masturbate.

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Linguistic Labels: Do They Make Things Worse? (aka “A Really Sucky Thing Happened To Me Friday”)

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

So as many who follow me on Facebook and Periscope know, CNN cut my interview out of the episode that Lisa Ling is doing on the PUA community.



And I don’t mean these cute rats, that my cats would just LOVE me to bring by :)

This was a great interview that would have next-leveled my business with perhaps a million hits on my website, lots of new members of the community… not to mention thousands of women contacting me.

Upon hearing the news, I experienced rage, sadness, disbelief…..and…

Now, I Have Decided To Use It As A
Teaching Lesson About Metaphor

You see, I was using language like,

“This is a crushing blow.”

“This is a devastating hit.”

“I feel so low.”

So let’s take this apart and look at the metaphors here. Continue reading

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How Do Women Become Attracted To Men?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Check out this brief clip from our recent New Code seminar where I shared insights on what attraction is, what creates attraction.

Watch it, then sound off in the comments like you’ve got a pair:

This was a clip from Periscope. Follow me on Periscope. I do stuff like this almost every damn day.



P.S. For most of us, dating is a form of gambling, because we just aren’t sure how she’s going to respond to us, don’t know what’s going to happen by the end of the evening, and when it does happen the way we want it to, we don’t know how to repeat it.

Now, you can have precision, predictability and control when it comes to getting and enjoying hot women >>>



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Situational Openers: The Ultimate “Not Hitting On Her” Approach To Meeting Women Now

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

It’s okay to be “interested” in any individual young woman, but just be interested in her.

Cooking something up with her requires a new recipe.

Cooking something up with her requires a new recipe.

You want to be invested and committed to the skills – and just interested in the girl.

That’s even after you’re f@@King her, unless things really are going in the “long term commitment” direction – and/or you are Michael Douglas, Sly Stallone, William Shatner, or Andy Sipowicz (who’ve done well in marriages to much younger women).

That being said (yet again)… Continue reading

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